October 2021 Competition

October 2021 Competition

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Need Inspiration? Check Out These Awesome Game Bibs Game-Day Outfits!

With Halloween right around the corner, we have just closed out our October 2021 Game Bibs game-day outfit competition! If you’re looking for the perfect game-day outfit, buy a pair of Game Bibs in your school's colors!

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to incorporate Game Bibs into your game-day look, we’ve got you covered!

Third Place: Mountaineers Pride

Coming in third place, we have @Bailey.I42 showing off his Appalachian State pride and rocking a pair of black and gold Game Bibs! Buy a pair of black and gold Game Bibs today!

Second Place: Gang Green Pride

Coming in second place, we have @patrickcrowell showing off his high school pride! Pick up a pair of green and white Game Bibs today!

First Place: Wildcats Pride

Coming in first place, we have @young.twilly showing off her University of Kentucky pride! Purchase a pair of blue and white Game Bibs today!

Honorable Mentions

While these game-day looks may not have won the competition, they’re still winners in our books! Check out these awesome Game Bibs game-day outfits!

Wolverine Pride

For our first honorable mention, we have @helloamerica500 rocking a cape and pair of blue and yellow Game Bibs over his University of Michigan jersey. Oh, and he’s wearing a wolverine-head hat.

Huskies Pride

@helloamerica500 is also our second honorable mention. This time he’s rocking a pair of black and red Game Bibs, a massive red cowboy hat and a wrestling belt with the Northern Illinois University logo.

Sooners Pride

Next we have @the_dave_lamm rocking his red and white Game Bibs and wearing a TX SUX license plate around his neck in support of Oklahoma University at the <a ""="" "="" href="https://www.gamebibs.com/5-of-the-Best-College-Football-Rivalry-Games-s/474.htm">Red River Showdown.

Chippewas Pride

Next we have @ericalorman rocking her gold and maroon Game Bibs in support of the Central Michigan University Chippewas.

Roll Tide

Finally we have @k.t_b.s rocking her orange and white checkered Tennessee Game Bibs, with her friend rocking a pair of crimson and white Game Bibs.

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