Tips for Surviving the Cold Weather Tailgate

24th May 2024

cold weather game bibs fans in Green & Yellow Adult Game Bibs

When you’re a hardcore fan, you know that a little cold isn’t going to stop you from tailgating before the big game. But you do have to make some extra preparations when the temperatures start to dip. Check out our suggestions for what to wear, eat, and drink during a cold season tailgate.

What to Wear

Of course, you’re still going to be rocking your Game Bibs on game day, but now it’s time to layer them up. Luckily, Game Bibs are perfectly roomy so you can comfortably add an extra layer of leggings or long johns underneath. Add an adjustable heated jacket on top to stay comfortable no matter what the weather does. Finally, finish off the look with some insulated boots with a good tread. You don’t want to be slipping on an icy parking lot!

If you’re tailgating close to the holidays, don’t forget to check out our Christmas-themed bibs to really get decked out in the spirit.

What to Eat

Focus on food that helps you feel warm from the inside out. Spicy chili or hot soup in a thermos is perfect and easy to sip on while you’re tailgating. Hearty pasta dishes like ziti and mac and cheese also help you feel warm and full. Check out our full list of tailgate recipes for chilly days here!

What to Drink

Ice-cold beer is a staple of tailgates, but it’s probably not exactly what you want to drink when the weather is already freezing. Swap out the suds for a warm beverage like hot apple cider or hot chocolate. Both are easy to prepare a large batch and keep warm in a crockpot. Plus, both also pair well with a shot of hard liquor to really warm you from the inside out. Spiked eggnog is another yummy drink option that can help you get in the holiday spirit during November and December.

What to Bring

When the weather gets colder, the base of your tailgating hierarchy of needs becomes even more important, so make sure you’re prepared for anything. Tents, chairs, portable heaters, and extra blankets should all be on your list to make your tailgate successful. And don’t leave out the tailgate games just because it’s cold out! Games that get you up and moving help you stay warm and keep your mind off of being cold.

Another tip you might not expect is to save your Styrofoam packaging sheets and lay them on the ground to stand on during the tailgate. Having that extra layer between your feet and the hard, frozen blacktop can do wonders to keep you warm. Just don’t forget to clean up after yourself and don’t leave a mess behind.

Cold weather tailgates can be just as much fun; they just take a little bit of extra preparation. With this list of tips, you should be covered to have an amazing time rooting on your team all year round!