Game Bibs Care Guide

How to Not Ruin Your Game Bibs

game bibs care guide

For a lot of our customers, their Game Bibs are their tradition - the best way to stand out and show support for their team. Whether they’re at the stadium, in the parking lot, at the tailgate, at the bar or watching from home, they don their Game Bibs in hopes that their support spurs their team on to victory.

Unsurprisingly, Game Bibs go through a lot of wear and tear. From spills, stains, streaks, tears and soil, our adult sports overalls have seen it all.

But hey, it’s your prerogative to get wild on game day, make your presence known and support your team’s brains out.

Also, it’s your duty - as a superfan - to look good doing it. That means you need your Game Bibs to be on fleek all season long.

For the cleanliness-challenged, here’s a handy guide on how to not ruin your Game Bibs and keep them looking brand spankin’ new.

Cleaning Your Game Bibs 101

All right, class is officially in session. Your Game Bibs 100% cotton twill. That means that it’s machine-wash friendly (you’re welcome), but it does have the potential to be damaged or shrunk if you don’t do things the right way. Here’s how to wash your Game Bibs and not ruin them.

What You’ll Need:

  • Dirty Game Bibs - We’re talking regular wear and tear; for serious stains, scroll down.
  • Color-Safe Laundry Detergent - Tide Pods anyone?
  • Washing Machine - Yes, Mom’s house will do.
  • Safe Place to Air Dry - Game Bibs hold up the best when they hang dry.

How To Wash Your Game Bibs

  1. Start your washer with the setting on cold and allow the water to fill up. Add in your detergent so that it can fully dilute throughout the washer basin. Using cold water will prevent any shrinking or color run in your first few cycles. After you’ve washed your Game Bibs a few times, you can start using warm water.
  2. Once the washer is full, add in your dirty Game Bibs and shut the lid. Let it do its work.
  3. After your wash cycle completes, you can dry your Game Bibs. For your first two or three washes, you’ll want to dry it on tumble dry or a low heat setting. Cotton is susceptible to heat and can potentially shrink if you nuke-dry it on the highest setting. The best option is to air dry them. Make sure you hang it in a well-ventilated spot - don’t put it in your closet.
  4. Allow to fully dry, and you’re done.

What Are Game Bibs Made From?

Washing instructions not enough? All right, let’s dig deeper into what Game Bibs are made of.

All of our Game Bibs are made from a high-quality 100%, 8.5 ounce durable cotton twill fabric. That means they’re durable, breathable and comfortable.

Game Bibs Are 100% Cotton

We’re all familiar with cotton, right? It’s a natural fiber that is lightweight, soft and very breathable. Every pair of Game Bibs start in a lush field of cotton where a mechanical harvester pulls the fibers from the plant. The fibers themselves are actually the seed hairs from the cotton plant. Those fibers are then sent to a mill where they’re turned into yarn and woven into the cotton cloth that you’re likely familiar with.

Because of its natural composition, cotton has several distinct properties:

  • Verrrrrrry comfortable to wear
  • Highly absorbent to liquids
  • Long dry time
  • Relatively low static electricity potential
  • Easy to wrinkle
  • Easy to shrink
  • Susceptible to mildew damage
  • Not UV tolerant

Just because we make clothes for sports fans doesn’t mean we don’t care about comfort or want you to take proper care of your Game Bibs. That’s why we chose to make our Game Bibs from the ultimate textile: cotton. It’s the ultimate thread and it will do you right as long as you follow our care guide.

We know your Game Bibs will get messy, they’ll get stained, tarnished, and more. With proper care, you can keep your bibs looking and wearing like new all season long.