Game Bibs Fan Focus - Part 4

Game Bibs Fan Focus - Part 4

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Game Bibs Fan Focus Part 4

Next up in our blog posts focusing on our bib-wearing fans is Emma from Minnesota! Emma rocks her maroon & gold Game Bibs for every Golden Gopher game (they call them Gopheralls) along with the necessary mittens and beanie, and she was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.

When did you buy your first pair of Game Bibs?
I bought my first pair of Game Bibs freshmen year of college!

Do you have any game day traditions (tailgating, specific foods, etc.)?
It’s always a tradition for me to meet up with my friends, head to the tailgates, and show our spirit for our team!

What song gets you pumped up on game day?
My college plays their fight song before a football game and it signals the start of a great game!

Name three game day necessities you always have with you.
My Game Bibs, my phone, and a Chipotle burrito.

What's your favorite game day memory with your game bibs?
Favorite memory with my Game Bibs is always the first game of every year and meeting up with all my friends cheering on our team.

If you could wear any article of clothing in the same colored stripes as your Game Bibs, what would it be?
I think It would be awesome to have a sports bra in the same colored stripes as my bibs!

Tell us about a favorite sports moment you've gotten to experience.
Watching the US women’s soccer team play.

Do you have any big plans for this year's football season?
I already have plans with my friends to get together and make shirts for game days!

What is your favorite sports movie?
The Sandlot is always a classic!

Who is your favorite athlete?
Alex Morgan!

Thanks again, Emma! Do you want to be featured in one of our Fan Focus blogs? Drop us a line on Facebook or Instagram and we'll be in touch!