Best Throwback Uniforms in Baseball

24th May 2024

collage of throwback uniforms in baseball

Seemingly, every week, baseball fans are treated to an aesthetic kaleidoscope of their favorite teams wearing uniforms from decades past. While some of these re-creations are better executed than others, it's hard to deny the fun in seeing teams trot out onto the field in bright 70s color schemes and long-forgotten logos. So which throwback uniforms are the best? Don't worry, we chose the top five for you.

philadelphia phillies starting pitcher jamie moyer
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Phillies Powder Blues
Using baby blue as a replacement for the standard road gray was popular in the 1970s. While several teams such as the Expos, Brewer, Rangers and Mariners used the blue, no one did it better than Philadelphia. When paired with a contrasting maroon and unique logo, the Phillies were the best-looking team on the field. Here's hoping they at least revert to maroon.

seattle mariners trident logo on baseball player
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Mariners Trident
The Seattle Mariners have always embraced nautical themes in their uniforms, but none has been as clever as their use of a trident to make the letter "M." Shades of green and blue might have turned into a representation of the Emerald City, but you just can't beat classic logo design with classic colors. The trident has our vote, even in their current teal and navy blue getups.

Astros Rainbow Shoulders
robin yount with milwaukee brewers logo on hat
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Of course, we were going to include the Houston Astros in this post; and of course, it was going to pay tribute to their days in the orange-and-yellow rainbow design. We just prefer the more toned down use of the stripes, as seen here on Craig Biggio. It still features the unique rainbow pattern, adds a bit more flair to the shoulders and sleeves (an often-overlooked element of baseball uniforms) and gives the torso a clean, classic look.

Brewer's Ball-in-Glove
Logos that cleverly create two logos within one are our favorites. The Milwaukee Brewers logo used to be a thing of baseball beauty. Seen here on Robin Yount, what looks like a basic baseball glove is actually also the letters "M" and "B" for the team's city and nickname. It doesn't hurt that the uniform features the Brewers' classic royal blue and yellow with a vintage script design. Do the right thing and revert to this design!
pittsburgh pirates
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Pirates Pillbox
In many ways, the Pittsburgh Pirates began rewriting the script on how baseball uniforms were supposed to look. They blended different colors of pants and jerseys to accentuate their black and yellow colors, and they even re-thought the baseball cap. Their pillbox caps with rings around the top were instantly recognizable and instantly unique. Admittedly, a bit strange, the caps made the Pirates a household favorite during the 70s.

Baseball has always been a sport rooted in nostalgia, from its historic players and stadiums to its classic uniforms and memorable games. Which throwback threads are your favorite in baseball? Leave a comment below!