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Start a New Homecoming Tradition With a Pair of Game Bibs

Homecoming is the event of the fall for high schools across the country. It’s a night when all the recent graduates come back to see old friends, teachers and classmates and attend the homecoming dance. While students look forward to the homecoming dance, the main attraction of the night is the big homecoming football game against your school's biggest rival.

Homecoming is one of the biggest high school events of the year, so make sure you’re ready to show off your school spirit under the Friday night lights.

Homecoming Tailgate

Before the pep rally and big game start, you need to hit the tailgate. Depending on your school's setup, there will probably be a field or parking lot where parents and faculty gather with tents, snacks and food. The tailgate has a very open and fun vibe full of school spirit. It’s a great place to mingle with classmates, parents, alumni and faculty before the night's festivities kick off.

You’re going to want to show up to the pregame tailgate early to take full advantage of all the fun lawn games like kanjam and cornhole. The other big draw of the tailgate is all the great food. You won’t want to miss out on all the great home-cooked tailgate foods. Depending on where you are in the country, you might be eating barbeque, burgers, bratwurst, chili or whatever your local delicacy is. Once you’re done stuffing your face with all the wonderful food, you’re going to want to make your way out to the pep rally.

Homecoming Pep Rally

The point of the pep rally is to show off your school spirit and get decked out to support the football team before the big game. Students, faculty, alumni and parents all show up to the game wearing school colors and gear, so make sure you choose your outfit in advance. If you really want to take your school spirit to the next level and impress the alumni, pick up a pair of Game Bibs in your school's colors. Game Bibs are the quintessential piece of college tailgate attire, so if you want to look cool, elevate your high school tailgate and start a tradition at your high school, you’re going to want to purchase a pair.

Once you have your homecoming outfit all picked out, make sure to show up to the game early for the pep rally. The goal of the pep rally is to get the crowd as hyped as possible to make the most electric environment under the Friday night lights. School spirit will flow through the crowd, with people showing off their school spirit in all sorts of ways. You might see shirtless boys with their bodies painted in team colors or saying, “Go, team, go!” Some people go the silly route and wear a funny outfit in school colors, and others are decked out head to toe in school spirit. Depending on where you are in the country, it could be pretty chilly, so it’s often a good idea to layer up. That’s one of the advantages of Game Bibs overalls — they add an additional layer of warmth. College kids who attend schools in colder climates love incorporating Game Bibs into their game-day fashion to get an extra layer of warmth.

Homecoming Football

Before the game starts, the cheerleaders and the marching band get the crowd all hyped up before announcing the homecoming king and queen for the night's dance. After creating a truly hyped vibe, the cheerleaders get into position and hold a big banner, and as the marching band plays your school's fight song, the football team sprints onto the field.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and lead the chants, you’re going to want a pair of Game Bibs. Usually the person most decked out in school spirit is the one who leads the chants, and if you’re the only one in a pair of Game Bibs, they’re yours to lead. Everyone will ask you where you got your overalls, and you can tell them from Game Bibs. And if they ask what Game Bibs are, you can tell them it’s one of the most popular pieces of college game-day attire.

You won’t only stand out with your pair of Game Bibs, but you and your friends will start a lasting tradition for generations to come. Make your high school football games and tailgates more like college by dressing in Game Bibs.