A New College Football Season = New Uniforms

A New College Football Season = New Uniforms

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A New College Football Season = New Uniforms

We’re mere days away from the kickoff of the 2018 college football season, and everyone here at Game Bibs HQ can hardly contain their excitement. A new season brings with it renewed hopes of football glory, big wins, exciting plays and, of course, new uniforms. Plenty of schools have taken to social media to show off their new threads and accessories, and these five are our favorites so far (in no particular order).

Oregon - We had to start the list with the elephant in the room. Oregon is the trendsetter of flashy college football uniforms, but the 2018 season brings a noticeably tamer uniform set to the field.

Photo credit: SBnation.com

Gone are the Ducks’ usually busy sleeves and sublimated patterns. Each helmet features a set of same-color wings on either side of the facemask, and jersey numbers are especially big. Traditionalists won’t like them, but considering how “out there” Oregon has been in the past, label us fans of this look.

Arizona State - The Sun Devils are making a variety of subtle changes to their football team’s look, but our favorite has to be the inclusion of the Arizona state flag across the chest and shoulders of the team’s jerseys. It’s unique, understated, and not flashy. Not sure how we feel about that gray jersey, though.

Photo credit: 247sports.com

North Carolina State - The Wolfpack began dabbling in a special helmet that features Tuffy, their throwback cartoonish wolf logo that was so popular in decades past. The helmet design went over so well with fans, students and alumni that the school is completely transitioning away from their block-S logo in favor of Tuffy. We couldn’t find a good photo of the new uniforms, but this shot shows Tuffy on the helmet from a previous season’s game.

Photo credit: Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

Virginia - They may look like a copy of the Auburn Tigers, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing when you wear uniforms as clean and classic as the Cavaliers will in 2018. UVA has made small adjustments this year to clean up their look such as matching striping patterns and using a matte white finish on their helmets. Two thumbs up.

Photo credit: 247sports.com

Oregon State - In the same vein as the NC State Wolfpack, the Beavers of Corvallis are embracing their roots by introducing a special Benny the Beaver helmet for select games. Their current look is a little too modern for our tastes, and we expect Benny to become a mainstay if the look goes over well with fans.

Photo credit: oregonlive.com

While these will be the basis of each team’s 2018 look, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them trot out onto the field with special one-off uniforms for particular games. What’s your favorite look for the 2018 season? Let us know in the comments below!